Having your boxes or cases printed with your business name and/or logo is a great way to reinforce your brand and ensure your company is the first into your customers mind when they wish to make another purchase.

We print boxes and cases using a 'Hot-Foil' technique. This is a one colour process which is done in-house using a selection of coloured foils. It is a process which combines heat and pressure leaving a thin coating of foil on the product. This is a very different process to ink printing. It uses a metal printing block which is heated and stamps onto the foil which is placed between the block and the box or case satin.

Printing of boxes and cases is charged at 9p for one print in the position stated in our catalogue or on our website for the particular range. Printing on other items, additional prints (where this is possible), and printing in other positions (where possible) is charged at 10 pence per print.

We offer two special deals for making blocks:-

The 'Standard Set' - This is a set of two blocks sized at 25mm and 35mm (these being the largest dimension depending on the orientation of the printing block). Both blocks are made from the same artwork design for £35.00 (+VAT).

The 'Standard Set Plus' - This option gives you the two standard set blocks plus an additional block of 60mm as its largest dimension. The addtional block may have a different design. £45.00 (+VAT).

Other blocks can be made for you to suit particular items, and these are charged per block. A block up to 75mm is charged at £33.00 (+VAT) and a block between 76mm and 90mm (maximum) is charged at £39.00 (+VAT).

All block charges are a part-cost and all blocks remain the property of Potters (London) Limited. When blocks wear out or are damaged we will replace these without charge. We reserve the right to archive, and finally dispose of printing blocks which have not been used for several years. We hope you will understand that we cannot store all blocks indefinitely.

Artwork Procedure:-

Please DO NOT send any artwork, in any format, before you have placed your order with our Sales Team. When they receive your order, our Artwork Team will send an email to you requesting this. The email will contain your Customer Code (Account number) and the order reference. It will request that you send your artwork as an attachment in reply to this email, which ensures that we can immediately link this to your order. In addition the email will give the most up-to-date details of acceptable file formats and artwork requirements.

Our artwork department will send you a Black-on-White proof of all the blocks requested via our electronic signing service. No blocks will be made until this is approved via the service or a printed signed proof is recieved by post, fax or scanned to PDF via email.

The process of making the blocks is performed in batches. In general we make one batch of blocks per week, so approximately 7 days should be allowed for this, after which your order will proceed to the factory for printing.

Artwork Requirements:-

Artwork requirements can change as we try to make the process ever more efficient. The requirements stated in the artwork request email always overide any other published requirements.

In all cases artwork must be Black on White with no shading or other colours. We strongly recommend that you keep artwork simple. Text and/or simple, clearly defined line images produce the best results when printed.

Artwork should be supplied as a vector file with all elements, including, converted to curves (sometimes known as converting text to outlines). Please supply vector files in .AI, .AFDESIGN, .EPS or .PDF format. Please be aware that supplying artwork in a non-vector format means that we have to redraw it in the appropriate format and the cost of this will be added to your order. If your artwork is text only, you can advise us of the wording and font(s) you would like. Providing we have the font in our collection, we will then set the artwork for you. Alternatively, we can charge you the cost of adding the commercial font to our library.

If you cannot provide suitable artwork we may be able to rectify the issues or re-create the artwork. In most cases we offer this this service at a cost of £40.00 + V.A.T per piece of artwork. If this would require more work than is provided by this service we will quote the cost when we have evaluated the artwork supplied.

Printing on Gift Bags is governed by the space between the side and bottom gussets, the maximum print areas being:-

Small Bag 90 x 125mm - 45mm wide

Large Bag 200 x 215mm - 90mm wide

Extra Large Bag 250 x 300mm - 90mm wide

Bracelet Bag 150 x 275mm - 90mm wide

Standard print colours and positions:-

Unless we are advised by you differently, we print in gold in the centre of the box or case satin, except on gold boxes and bags where the standard is black.

Please ensure each time you order you give us your instructions if they are different from the above.